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Nick offers a broad range of financial services with specialist expertise in Later Life Care, Protection, Investments and Inheritance Tax Planning. 

He is an experienced personal & corporate financial planner, supporting, individuals, directors and executive clients in relation to: 

  • Protecting personal and business assets – building and implementing strategies for retirement and later life,
    including workplace retirement and exit planning.

  • Estate advice – including wealth creation, investment portfolio construction, helping Trustees meet their obligations. 

    He supports his clients and their attorneys meet their objectives, with advice on equity release, lifetime mortgages that support their care or help give financial independence with on-going advice requirements. 



Business Meeting


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Employee Benefits

Small change could make
a big difference

Have you protected your debt? You may think you have protected your family by insuring your mortgage. But these days people often use credit cards, loans and finance agreements to buy the things that make life more comfortable – such as a family car, home furnishings or holidays. And if the worst should happen, a mortgage may not be the only debt that your family would be left with. Let them know that a little extra protection could make a big difference.

Providing Expert Guidance

All investment services are designed to support clients to deliver the right outcome to the end investor. Through independent, qualitative research and analysis enables numerous ways to provide different solutions that will help you achieve your objectives.

Chiltern Select

Chiltern Select has been created to answer the needs of SME organisations that are keen to introduce a voluntary or flexible benefits platform but have previously been put off by the costs and complexity of such a project. 

Employing the latest on-line technology and teamed up with one of the market leaders has created a flexible, modular solution that can grow as our clients grow.

Our straightforward approach means that set-up and management is quick and easy, enabling costs to be kept to a minimum.

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Long Term Care

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IHT Planning

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NextGen Wealth

Chiltern Care, working with clients and families for better outcomes

If you are currently faced with the prospect of finding care for yourself, a relative or a friend you are probably feeling emotionally drained right now. The process of finding suitable care and sorting through the legislation, can be extremely hard. Add to this the often confusing financial situation and it is not surprising to learn that many people feel tired, stressed and worried at a time like this.

What's best for you?

In recent times the taxation burden on inherited wealth has affected more and more individuals and become of increasing concern. We work with clients to find the most suitable lifetime planning solutions for them from the many options available to mitigate the impact of inheritance tax.

Passing money down to
future generations

Retirement planning is in for a shake-up, particularly from a family perspective, because the way money is passed through generations is changing. Historically, we are used to the idea of having one generation in active retirement at one time, with the next generation only retiring as the elder generation becomes less active, is in a care home, or dies.

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